18 September 2005

Chavez at the UN General Assembly, September 15, 2005

cool speech - check it out here

contributing common sense to an Open Mind

MIT's Open Mind Common Sense Project is working to gather common sense knowledge that can be used to improve AI technology.
The Open Mind Commonsense project is an attempt to make computers smarter by making it easy and fun for people all over the world to work together to give computers the millions of pieces of ordinary knowledge that constitute "common-sense", all those aspects of the world that we all understand so well we take them for granted. This repository of knowledge will enable us to create more intelligent and sociable software and better understand the structure our own minds.

if you've got any common sense to spare, you can join the project and share. theres another article on this project here
then, if you're interested, the resulting knowledgebase is available for download from the ConceptNet project
ConceptNet v2.1 is written in the Python programming language. It is distributed as a Python API and a standalone XML-RPC Server.

16 September 2005