28 May 2007


OpenArena is an opensource first person (doomlike) shooter. You can find it in the Ubuntu repository using the package manager, or, for the windows version, check this mirror, or the others listed here.

I've played it a few times, and it plays well - much better than Nexuiz. If anyone wants to run around cool maps shooting at me, leave me a comment.

Nice that its free 'as in speech' software as well.

22 May 2007

mustn't underestimate stupidity. stupidity in general, mine in particular

13 May 2007

beware - cognitive hazards..

A Cognitive bias is distortion in the way humans perceive reality. Check out a really useful list of cognitive biases here. Some of these have been verified empirically in the field of psychology, others are considered general categories of bias.

also posted as 26 reasons what you think is right, is wrong

09 May 2007

ubuntu for mobile devices

Linux evolves for mobile devices: A version of the increasingly popular Linux operating system Ubuntu will be developed for use on net-enabled phones and devices (including the new Centrino based UltraMobile PC platform)
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just what i need to get excited about the old pocketpc, er.. again