25 July 2006

US-Israeli terrorism

In Lebanon and Gaza, they've been bombing the shit out of cities and residential areas, taking out all remaining services and infrustructure, using white phosphorous and clusterbombs -maximising the terror inflicted on the civilian population; with seeming unwaivering confidence that even the most obvious warcrimes will go unpunished - Seriously fucked-up.
As for the language the US and Isreal are using - its as sick as ever.

i needed to vent, but read A farewell to Beirut -a particularly moving article from Robert Fisk in Beirut

also check out U.S. Arming of Israel: How U.S. Weapons Manufacturers Profit From Middle East Conflict

and if you're in or around pretoria, there's a demonstration planned at the Israeli Embassy this Friday at 2.30pm.