31 October 2004

Shipping News Update 31/10/04 .. nothing to report.

Cancer deconstructs Derridas

Independent Media Center | www.indymedia.org | ((( i ))): see Indymedia site for more.

wandering hobo vows "I'll still go home!"

Despite outragous claims by Unisa officials that there is an "examination sometime in near future", a self-exiled bum situated somewhere in north africa has declared for all to know, that he'll "still be going home..". This accompanies reports that the same will also be investigating headquarters of at least one former empire with the aim of spreading revolution and discontent, no less.

still no word on who took the indymedia servers..

Independent Media Center | www.indymedia.org | ((( i ))): "Indymedia asks: 'Who took our servers?'" ((( ? )))

28 October 2004

crap. raining and cloudy, but the sky is a dark, funky orange..
see the upcoming article ..
locals denounce foreigner as lunatic for claims that "moon is about to be eaten"

total lunar eclipse tonight..

October 28th Total Lunar Eclipse "..a pre-dawn display early Thursday for those in Europe and western Africa."
hmm..thats in just a few hours..

16 October 2004

offline wikipedia

Wikipedia in TomeRaider format - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
you can download an offline version of wikipedia (an excellent free collaborative/open-content encyclopedia) in the tomeraider format. Its big - about 180M - but if you have the space there's a tomeraider reader for windows, pocket pcs or palms.

"The English version of the Wikipedia is easily the worlds largest free encyclopedia, a printed edition of this reference guide would fill a whole bookshelf, but you might prefer to carry it in your pocket on a memory card, or on your notebook.
Since 2001 over 320,000 articles have been written, discussed, extended and corrected by thousands of contributors, 70,000 pictures are featured."

wikipedia online is at www.wikipedia.org
the free (nagware) tomeraider can be downloaded from the tomeraider site

roshanara&jaysen - lost in algiers

a reminder that the original blog is next door at roshan dot jaysenn dot com - with a new pic of roshan out exploring..


there's reason to be hopeful though. have a much better internet connection now, so there's no good reason not to post here, apart of course, from a lack of anything remotely intelligent to say.

another hopeful-start-type post

i did mean to use that other blog while we're in algiers. I'll keep that active, but i think i'll use this one for a slightly less discerning audience.
.. is that you?.. at least this one will get updated more..
if you've forgotten how you got here, this blog should be reached thru' blog.jaysenn.com. i'll keep that url pointing here. or wherever the current version of this blog is held.