25 May 2016

race and inequality links flow both ways

Racism is also emergent en-masse because it allows a population to subconsciously rationalise their privilege. So instead of just causing social injustice, racism is also a result of social injustice. The more you see racially implemented social privilege, the more you have to apply racist models to subconsciously justify that privilege - when you have it.

07 May 2016

principles of hierarchical-temporal-memory

HTMemory and Sparse Distributed Networks. Lots of progress in understanding the neocortex - how intelligence works in the brain - and modelling that for a cortical approach to machine intelligence

UPDATE: broken link: Video moved to http://numenta.com/learn/htm-videos-from-jeff-hawkins.html.

Direct link on youtube: https://youtu.be/6ufPpZDmPKA

05 May 2016

JeffHawkins OnIntelligence HTM Sparse-Distributed-Representations GroK Numenta
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