31 December 2005

algiers by flickr

seeing as we're so crap at taking photos, here's some links to other peoples' shots of algiers.

12 December 2005

algiers by sea

wanted to test blogger's picture hosting, so here's a pic from our trip back into algiers via ferry. it was taken sometime in august, at sunrise, as the ferry docked.

progress report ..

on understanding life, the universe, and everything:
most of the very broadest brushstrokes are there. just some nagging bits like: the very start of the universe (and what possibly framed that event), the neurophysiological basis of consciousness, the assymetrical predisposition to baryonic over non-baryonic matter; and how to get along with other people.

05 December 2005

there's no time like, for instance... 'now'

"There's no such thing as an instant in time or present moment in nature. It's something entirely subjective that we project onto the world around us. That is, it's the outcome of brain function and consciousness."
In the paper, "Time and Classical and Quantum Mechanics: Indeterminacy vs. Discontinuity", Peter Lynds, a 27 year old broadcasting school tutor from Wellington, New Zealand, establishes that there is a necessary trade off of all precisely determined physical values at a time, for their continuity through time, and in doing so, appears to throw age old assumptions about determined instantaneous physical magnitude and time on their heads. ...
read more here. The article doesnt provide enough meat, but i like the basic idea.

UPDATE: the actual article can be found here, and Wikipedia has some info and links to discussions on the piece, including the possibility of a hoax, here.

my feeling is that it does contain a bit of bad science, but that the idea itself is diggable.