16 October 2004

offline wikipedia

Wikipedia in TomeRaider format - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
you can download an offline version of wikipedia (an excellent free collaborative/open-content encyclopedia) in the tomeraider format. Its big - about 180M - but if you have the space there's a tomeraider reader for windows, pocket pcs or palms.

"The English version of the Wikipedia is easily the worlds largest free encyclopedia, a printed edition of this reference guide would fill a whole bookshelf, but you might prefer to carry it in your pocket on a memory card, or on your notebook.
Since 2001 over 320,000 articles have been written, discussed, extended and corrected by thousands of contributors, 70,000 pictures are featured."

wikipedia online is at www.wikipedia.org
the free (nagware) tomeraider can be downloaded from the tomeraider site

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